North Korea — a tool of the CIA

I’ve always had the feeling that North Korea is a CIA project. It’s controlled opposition. Who supplies the advanced machines used in North Korean hospitals, for instance? Why, Western countries, of course. So the West is supplying this “rogue state” with tech, and we’re supposed to believe that they’re an unconditional enemy of us, a backwards country that for some reason is suddenly able to develop ICBM’s with the capability to reach the US mainland.

The situation right now is theatre (as always), but I wouldn’t be surprised if TPTB pull off a false flag of some kind soon, blame it on NK and use it as a justification to invade or start bombing campaigns. Kim — a puppet of the globalists (he was educated at an elite school in Switzerland) — will be escorted to a safehouse, but we’ll get media reports (from the MSM and the “alt media” (controlled op.)) about how he was killed by air strikes or something.

… Or the whole theatrical sabre rattling situation might fizzle out while we get some other fabricated media story to distract us.

I often wonder exactly how deep the theatrics go. We know (from the MSM as well as “alt news” like RT) that Putin is a close friend of Kissinger, and that Putin is also making daily phone calls to Bibi. So I’m wondering whether Putin’s Russia is a genuine threat to the “Western establishment”. I suspect he’s in on this whole scripted march towards the NWO, and China’s leaders appear to be in on it too.

Making the unwitting public fear WW3 — and even staging such a war itself — could be precisely what TPTB need to dismantle the Old World Order, paving the way for the new one. Such a war would be accompanied by a huge economic crisis, a breakdown of the fiat money system, and the subsequent implementation of a world economy based on cryptocurrencies. We’d surely also see a reformed UN, and perhaps even the partial disclosure of previously hidden technologies, albeit rolled out in such a fashion that they appear to emerge naturally, as the fruits of ongoing R&D.

Bannon even stated publicly that Trump is “a blunt tool” that they (Bannon & Co.) will use to destroy the OWO to quite literally pave the way for the NWO.
It’s fitting that Bannon was director of the Biosphere-2 project (the world’s largest artificial closed biosphere/ecosystem) back in the early nineties. It’s precisely the kind of doomsday project I’d expect from someone like him.


Bitcoin, Katy Perry and the impending “riots”

Back when I followed Bitcoin closely (in 2013 and early 2014), there were discussions about the orgins of Bitcoin, and the NSA was frequently mentioned. Gavin Andresen (the “head” of Bitcoin after Satoshi’s disappearance) attended a public CIA event where he held a talk about the potential of cryptocurrencies. This was controversial, and made many bitcoiners question his allegiances.

If you take a look at mainstream movies and tv shows now (e.g. Westworld, Mr. Robot), many of them are about the people waking up, banding together and taking down the Evil Establishment. We see this same theme reflected in the real world as well, the “anti establishment” President Trump being the most notable example. In the newest season of Silicon Valley (great show, made by Mike Judge) the main character even invents “A New Internet”, which is based on the real technology Ethereum (derivative of Bitcoin), and which “can’t be hacked or controlled by the evil establishment”. Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum, recently met with Vladimir Putin to discuss the technology. J.P. Morgan Chase has also shown a keen interest in this specific type of crypto currency, and it’s no secret that they’re involved in the development of Ethereum. Other banks and large financial institutions are also jumping aboard the crypto train.

In “Chained to the rhythm”, Katy Perry sings about how fake our lives are, and that we’re all like mindless drones just blindly consuming pop culture, thinking we’re free, while we’re really walking in chains. But then there’s a guest appearance by Skip Marley, Bob Marley’s son, and he’s essentially singing about how the Evil Establishment has unwittingly awakened a slumbering giant (the sleeping, mindless drone masses), and that this mass of people is now about to riot.

When I look at the current Bitcoin price (and the long term logarithmic chart), I get the sense that some huge events are about to happen on this Earth. Is it a coincidence that artists like The Weeknd and Harry Styles (from One Direction) appear to be warning us, in their hit songs, about impending disaster — while things seemingly are heating up in world politics as well? Judging by the headlines of the MSM and the controlled “alt media”, a huge war might break out any minute now.

What will the “riots” look like? People scrambling to empty their bank accounts, hoping to put all their fiat into Bitcoin, but the banks shut down, thus making it impossible for the Average Joe’s to empty their accounts?

The Economist magazine (partly owned by Rothschilds, supposedly) “warned” us of a global currency by 2018.

How the elite fooled almost everyone

Once upon a time there was an elite. The elite was singular, omnipotent and omniscient. It controlled the banks, the military industrial complex and the rest of big business. Most importantly, it controlled politicians, education, publishing houses, the media (the mainstream as well as the “alternative” media) and the intelligence services. In short, it controlled the narrative. And it funded all sides in all wars.

Having all this control, the elite knew the public was getting tired of “establishment” politicians. The elite had witnessed the popularity of Ron Paul, a politician who was ignored by the media, since he was a genuine threat to the establishment. Despite the complete lack of attention he got from the media, Paul grew quite popular, especially among younger voters. Realizing this, the elite decided to pull off a huge stunt: They’d market an ultra-rich capitalist, a zionist-controlled insider, as a working class hero. They’d “demonize” him (use reverse psychology) to sell him as a threat to the established order. They already knew the public had grown tired of the MSM and its obvious lies, so they used their other media hand — the “alternative” media — to market the billionaire as a messiah. With the first hand, the MSM, they’d constantly give the billionaire “negative” attention, knowing full well that this would increase his street cred among the working class and the precariat, precisely the people he appealed to in the first place. Since the elite controlled the intelligence services, they knew exactly what everyone did and thought at all times. They spied on everyone, so they knew how deep the average Joe hated the MSM. In other words, they knew the average Joe would do the exact opposite of what the MSM condescendingly told him to do.

“Don’t vote for Drumpf!” the MSM would yell five hundred times a day. “He’s dangerous! He’s Hitler. Satan. A racist. A misogynist. Don’t vote for him! Please don’t!” They’d repeat this mantra for months and months. Meanwhile, as the Drumpf movement grew, the elite used their “alternative” media (including forums such as Reddit Conspiracy) to spin him as a Messiah. He was marketed as a working class hero, an enemy of the establishment. So while he openly received orders from AIPAC, the Rothschilds and Saudi Arabia, a populist movement grew around him, claiming he was a threat to the very powers he was in bed with. Disenfranchised and disillusioned workers gathered to attend his rallies. They rallied behind his fake cries to “defeat the establishment” and put his political “opponent” (a fellow Jesuit and close friend of his for decades) behind bars.

When he won the (s)election and was installed in the puppet office, he proceeded to increase funding to ISIS and other “moderate rebels”. He gave plenty of weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia, and cut diplomatic ties to Iran and other peaceful states. He bombed Assad on behalf of the MIC, and he promised the CIA that they’d soon get another Iraq war. But this time — he said — the CIA would get to steal the oil. (He said the bad thing about the last war was that Iraq got to keep most of its oil.) He increased surveillance of law-abiding citizens, and he increased the funding of Wall Street.

As he did all this, oiling the gears of the military industrialist bankster complex, the “alternative” media continued marketing him. They claimed he was a new JFK, a threat to the “deep state”. In fact, they said he was at war with this deep state. And the loyal hordes of Drumpf fans continued attacking anyone questioning the psyop Drumpf was a part of. These loyal hordes included almost everyone in the so-called “conspiracy theorist” movement. If you dared question whether Drumpf was a genuine threat to the established order, you were automatically branded a “DNC shill”, a “commie” or a “liberal”.

Thus, the conspiracy theorist movement was divided along the same lines as the rest of society. You were either for Drumpf, or against him. For racism, or against it. For women, or against them. For America, or against it. There was no middle ground. (Naturally, the Drumpf movement ignored the fact that he continued waging the same illegal wars his predecessors had waged, and that he continued funding the same “moderate rebels”. For the Drumpf movement, rhetoric and empty promises were more than enough. And anyone supporting Drumpf was “woke”, by definition. Anyone not supporting him, was asleep and a “cuck”. If you supported Drumpf, you’d taken the proverbial “red pill”.)

As was obvious by now, Drumpf had a free pass. He could do anything he wanted, no matter how insane or at odds with his campaign promises it was. Since the MSM continued “demonizing” him (using reverse psychology), Drumpf got steadily more popular among the true believers. How could he not be great, when the MSM so obviously demonized him everyday? The MSM was bad, right? Thus, Drumpf must be good, by definition? This was the simple logic applied, and it appealed to most people in the conspiracy theorist movement. Paradoxically, the conspiracy theorists were now embracing the US government. They were supporting the US army and the FBI, reckoning there must be a grass roots movement of “white hats” in the Bureau. (Otherwise, why would the totally trustworthy Alex Jones (and “FBI anon” on 4Chan) claim there was such a movement?)

It is up to you to decide how this story ends. You can either continue playing into this narrative of divide and conquer, thus bolstering the elite that controls both Drumpf and his “opposition”. Or you can rise above this, and point your finger at the real ruling class, the one pulling Drumpf’s strings. The one consistently profiting from the division, the staged terror, the endless wars and the political theatre in which (((Drumpf))) plays a part.

Trump oppfyller forventningene

Trump gjør som forventet: Han lopper arbeiderklassen (som var dum nok til å stemme på ham) for å finansiere ISIS, al Qaida, Goldman Sachs, Israel, Saudi-Arabia og resten av terroristene/banksterne/militærindustrialistene han har sverget evig troskap til. (Og Goldman har foreløpig fylt 7 av posisjonene i “anti establishment”-kabinettet hans.)

Trump-fanatikerne har ennå ikke våknet. Men i det minste har MSM og resten av “etablissementet” sluttet å “demonisere” Trump. (Omvendt psykologi.) I takt med at Trump starter flere kriger og væpner flere terrorister (som ISIS), kommer MSMs hyllester til å bli mer og mer panegyriske. (“Trump viderefører fredsarven fra Obama”, osv.) Det skulle ikke forbause meg om han mottar Nobels Fredspris som takk for sin innsats for å bombe verden sønder og sammen.

Og “alternativmedier” (som Infowars, drevet av Mossad-agenten Alex Jones) fortsetter også, som forventet, å heie på Trump. Mens han fyller sumpen med flere haier, anakondaer og alligatorer.

A few notes on the London false flag

Tobias Ellwood, an American-born soldier and member of the British parliament, has been presented as a hero after the attack. It was said that Ellwood — a hardcore zionist (“coincidentally”) — tried to save the life of a man, but the man died. (Actors/agents dressed in paramedic outfits stood by, watching as Ellwood tried “rescuing” the man, red paint (“blood”) covering Ellwood’s face. The “paramedics”, for some reason, did nothing. They were just passive bystanders.)

Obviously, this is a PR stunt for the zionist Ellwood. But what if the guy he tried “rescuing” was actually intentionally killed by the Mossad operative Ellwood? The whole crew of bystanders (crisis actors) might have been Mossad (or CIA-) agents, getting rid of some political dissident or truth-seeking journalist who was researching their shenanigans and was about to get too close to the truth. (Like Michael Hastings.)

Thus, an authentic politically motivated murder took place within this otherwise ritualistic Skull & Bones-hoax.


Jeg forutså 22/3-aksjonen (i år som i fjor), og postet forutsigelser både her inne, hos Steigan og på flere andre nettsteder.

Det er viktig å huske at denne aksjonen var en hoax, en amatørmessig iscenesatt hendelse (med kriseskuespillere) som hadde til hensikt å bl.a. markedsføre politikeren og Mossad-agenten Tobias Ellwood. Denne sionistiske politikeren ble fremstilt som en helt, da han angivelig prøvde å redde livet til en av mennene som visstnok døde. Ellwood kommer til å bli markedsført ganske kraftig i tiden fremover, og det er nok meningen at han skal stille som statsministerkandidat etterhvert.

Legg også merke til de mange Mormoner-referansene. (En av de påstått drepte var mormoner, og lange artikler blir skrevet om ham.) Det er alltid mormonere som visstnok rammes av disse hendelsene. Den unge mormoneren Elder MASON Wells har f.eks. vært til stede ved TRE av disse store falsk flagg-aksjonene de siste årene, og overlevd hver gang.

Og sjekk klokkeslettet på Big Ben. I flere av tv-bildene ser du at klokken står på 3:22.

At det nå for tiden er biler som blir brukt i disse aksjonene, skyldes at myndighetene vil forby menneskekjørte biler. Bilene skal i fremtiden styres av computere, slik at myndighetene kan hacke dem etter eget forgodtbefinnende. Å ta kontrollen over computeren i en bil og få den til å krasje i en fjellvegg e.l., er en effektiv måte å bli kvitt brysomme gravejournalister og politiske dissidenter. Se f.eks. på hva som skjedde med journalisten Michael Hastings. Og legg merke til at selv Wikileaks (limited hangout) nylig har avslørt at CIA hacker biler (via bl.a. satellitter) for å fjernstyre dem. Putins privatsjåfør ble nylig myrdet på denne måten.

Når alle biler er selvkjørende, blir det enda enklere for myndighetene å hacke dem enn det er i dag. Så da kan de svært enkelt kvitte seg med alle brysomme journalister o.l. som kommer litt for nær sannheten.

En viktig grunn til at disse falsk flagg-hoaxene utføres, er at «anti establishment»-politikere (controlled opposition) som Trump og Le Pen skal markedsføres og bli populære. Disse sionistiske politikerne skal brukes til å demontere den gamle verdensordenen for å bane vei for den nye. (Legg merke til at Trump har puttet 7 av de verste Goldman Sachs-banksterne i «anti establishment»-kabinettet sitt. Og resten av kabinettet består også av tilsvarende sionistiske, krigshissende militærindustrialister og andre skurker som markedsføres som «anti establishment» av «alternativmedier» såvel som MSM.)

Steve Bannon sier offentlig at Trump er «a blunt tool» som skal brukes for å demontere OWO, slik at veien ryddes for NWO. Bannon mener at USA må starte en storkrig mot Kina innen ti år, og han vil få innført NWO innen 2025. Les boka «The fourth turning», som er Bannons favorittlektyre — ifølge ham selv. Før krigen mot Kina sier han at en storkrig mot Iran er nødvendig. Sionisten Bannon, som lenge var sjef for det sionistiske «alternativmediet» Breitbart (startet av den jødiske sionisten Andrew Breitbart) — er opptatt av å følge Israels vilje, og Israel forlanger krig mot Iran. Bannon passer altså utmerket godt inn i Trumps kabinett, som utelukkende består av Amerikas verste sionister.

Hoaxene blir mer og mer amatørmessige, siden de ansvarlige ser at folk flest er dumme og lettlurte nok til å sluke åtet hver eneste gang. De billigste, dårligste amatørskuespillerne hyres inn hver gang, og noen skuespillere opptrer i mange aksjoner rundt om i verden. Dette går fint, siden folk som gjennomskuer iscenesettelsene uansett stemples som sinnssyke av folk flest.

En annen grunn til at hoaxene er amatørmessige, er at okkultistene (Crowley-fanatikerne) som står bak aksjonene, bedriver spott og hån. Spott og hån er viktige virkemidler for å øke den påstått “magiske kraften” i disse ritualene. Frimurerne og Skull & Bones-medlemmene som står bak aksjonene, ser ned på den gemene hop. De føler seg overlegne og vil gjerne gni sin overlegenhet inn i trynet på folk. Derfor spotter og håner de dem ved å bruke amatørmessige kulisser, talentløse skuespillere og billig teaterblod. (Og politistatens altomfattende overvåkning gjør at de kan finne ut hvem som faktisk gjennomskuer skuespillet, og tvangsinnlegge eller likvidere disse brysomme konspinissene — hvis de faktisk blir for brysomme.)

Etter aksjonene følger det alltid intervjuer med en eller annen fyr/dame som har det sjeldne etternavnet Crowley (eller K. Rowley e.l.). Crowley-referanser er til stede ved hvert eneste falsk flagg som utføres av Skull & Bones. Ikke bare ved at folk som bærer selve navnet blir intervjuet, men også i numerologien rundt angrepet. 9/11 er det fremste eksempelet på et angrep av denne typen. Mange Crowleys ble intervjuet ifb. med angrepet, og flight AA (Astrum Argentum (American Airlines)) 77, 93 osv. (samt etasjene de krasjet i) var henvisninger til Crowleys okkulte skriverier. Den perverse heroinisten og satanisten Aleister Crowley var morfaren til George W. Bush, og blir tilbedt av globalistene som styrer verden i dag. 22. mars og 11. september hvert år, blir det utført symboltunge ritualer til hans ære.

Siden alt dette høres ut som pur galskap for folk flest (som er uvitende om frimureri, Skull & Bones o.l.), kan eliten fortsette å jobbe på denne måten. Befolkningen blir mer og mer splittet (bl.a. i innvandringstilhengere og -motstandere), og høyst en promille av befolkningen er i stand til å gjennomskue denne splitt-og-hersk-strategien. Denne promillen stemples som sinnssyk, og blir så latterliggjort, mobbet og stigmatisert — at den er helt ufarlig for eliten selv.

En mer og mer polarisert befolkning trekkes mot politiske ytterpunkter. “Anti establishment”-politikere som Trump og Le Pen brukes til å demontere institusjoner som NATO, FN, USA og EU — slik at den nye verdensordenen kan innføres om noen år. Denne verdensordenen skal styres av et reformert FN hvor mesteparten av makten ligger hos noen kabbalistiske, sionistiske banksters. Egentlig trenger man bare lese Albert Pike for å forstå hva som skjer i verden i dag. Alt går etter planen Illuminati skrev på 1800-tallet, for folk flest er simpelthen for dumme og uvitende til å tro på noe annet enn propagandaen som pumpes ut av MSM og “alternativmediene” (controlled opposition).

Det begynner å bli forferdelig forutsigbart:

Eliten iscenesetter et angrep begått av en “rabiat islamist”. MSM og “alternativmediene” (controlled opposition) gir oss et fiktivt narrativ om hva som skjedde.
Halve befolkningen reagerer med sinne mot muslimer, og mener vi må kaste ut (eller sekularisere) muslimene, og sende soldater til den tredje verden for å innføre “fred og demokrati” i landet den påståtte terroristen angivelig kom fra.
Den andre halvparten (som også tror på det offisielle narrativet), mener vi må åpne grensene, slippe inn flere innvandrere — men også denne halvparten er enig i at vi må sende soldater til den tredje verden for å innføre “fred og demokrati”. (Helst ved å væpne og trene opp “moderate opprørere”.)
Så har man sinnssyke konspinisser som undertegnede, som utgjør kanskje en halv promille av befolkningen, som gjennomskuer spillet — og blir stemplet som, ja, nettopp … sinnssyke.
Også har man selve eliten (militærindustrialistene og banksterne), som iscenesetter det hele, profitterer på splittelsen, og ikke minst på alle olje-, våpen-, gass- og gjenoppbyggingskontraktene, samt på bankvirksomheten knyttet til krigføringen. I tillegg profitterer de på masseinnvandringen, siden den fører til økende boligpriser, lavere arbeiderlønninger og en splittet arbeiderklasse som er opptatt med innbyrdes strid — slik at den ikke legger merke til hva eliten egentlig driver med.

March 22, Iran, petrodollar, false flags

The alleged death of Illuminati mastermind David Rockefeller (101) on the Vernal Equinox (Barron Trump’s eleventh birthday), marks the end of the Age of Oil. Or the beginning of the end of the Old World Order. And tomorrow is March 22 … What better date for a false flag attack courtesy of “Iran”, so that Trump gets the excuse he needs to wage war on Iran, on behalf of his Israeli/Illuminati puppet masters? (This would also unite the American/Western people behind Trump. A divided people would become patriotic and united, and would rally behind Trump when he puts “boots on the ground” to “fix things in Iran”. The MSM, Breitbart, Infowars and other propaganda outlets, would all hail Trump.)

Iran recently dropped the petrodollar, and we all know what happens to countries that do this … Before long, they get some “peace and democracy” in the form of American bombs. Or ISIS (Israeli secret intelligence service) or other “moderate rebels” conveniently show up to overthrow a “despotic tyrant”.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see some very dramatic event take place tomorrow, on March 22. (3/22, the number in the Skull & Bones logo.)

Muligheten for dramatikk på 22. mars

Iran har nylig droppet petrodollaren. USA går alltid til angrep på land som dropper petrodollaren. Men Trump trenger et påskudd for å “innføre fred og demokrati” i Iran. Kort fortalt: Han trenger et falsk flagg-angrep. (Enten det er cyberangrep eller fysisk.)

Det er veldig beleilig for Trump hvis “Iran” (CIA/Mossad) angriper USA/Vesten/Israel i morgen, 22. mars, siden dette vil gi Trump påskuddet han trenger for å kunne starte krigen mot Iran. Et sånt angrep er ekstra beleilig fordi det vil forene de steile frontene i USA. Et splittet folk blir forent bak en sterk leder som viser handlekraft og “tar et oppgjør med ondskapen”. Patriotismen kommer til å øke, og horder av Trump-fans verver seg for å være “boots on the ground” i Iran. USA øker pengestøtten til IS og andre “moderate opprørere”, for å prøve å styrte “det onde iranske regimet”. Og mediene våre hyller Trump for å være en samlende kraft som bruker bomber og granater for å spre “fred, demokrati og vestlige verdier” til “undertrykte iranere” som “lider under en tyrannisk despot”. Alex Jones, Breitbart, ZeroHedge o.a. Trump-propagandister, blir heiagjengen som står på sidelinjen og oppildner hordene av blodtørstige amerikanere.

Hvis det kommer et angrep mot Vesten/Israel i morgen, får enten Iran, Syria eller Russland skylden. Eller en kombinasjon av disse landene.

Alternativet er at det skjer noe dramatisk i Sør-Kina-havet. F.eks. et amerikansk/israelsk angrep mot et amerikansk skip, som Kina får skylden for.

Vault 7 and the NWO


Vault 7 is a limited hangout, like Snowden. The main purpose of these carefully controlled leaks is to cause a chilling effect, the result of which is more self-censorship.

We’re witnessing a staged “awakening”. Brexit and Trump (Brexit 2.0) were supposed to happen. As were Snowden and Assange. Le Pen and Frexit (Brexit 3.0) are also supposed to happen. All of these things (and more) are needed to slowly dismantle the EU, the USA and the rest of the Old World Order. Trade agreements like TISA and TTIP are part of the “decoy NWO” Trump is “defeating” to gain credibility amongst conspiracy theorists. These agreements were introduced to be stopped by the “anti establishment” puppet Trump. And the EU — and similar unions/federations — were planned to be, ultimately, dismantled to pave the way for a bigger, global union led by a reformed UN (controlled by secretive central banksters and other globalist technocrats).

If you listen to Steve Bannon or read his favorite book (“The fourth turning”), he actually — to a certain extent — confirms this theory. He plainly states that it’s Trump’s job to dismantle the OWO to pave the way for the NWO. He even uses those exact terms. The book even claims that the NWO will be introduced before 2025, which lines up pretty well with my own prediction of an implementation date around January 20, 2024, when Trump’s age is just right for the globalists. (He was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on his inauguration day.) These magic 7’s seem important for Christine Lagarde and the other members of the occult globalist elite pulling the strings, hence her famous talk at the National Press Club, where she, for some strange reason, went on and on about numerology and “the magic 7”. (Her words, not mine. And yes, she’s the head of the IMF.)

The number seven appears to be metaphysically ingrained in the life of Trump, and especially in his relation to Israel. It’s also ingrained in key events in the stock market, and in Brexit, etc., sort of confirming my long-held suspicion that we’re living in a computer simulation of some kind.

I think we’re all part of the (staged?) fulfillment of Biblical end time prophecies about The Tribulation. And this Tribulation appeared to start a few months ago, either on Inauguration Day or a bit before. It’s supposed to last for seven years, at which point the NWO will, probably, be introduced.

And who can introduce this NWO better than “space aliens” (telepathy-equipped GMO humans eugenically engineered in deep underground military bases, courtesy of the breakaway civilization known as the Shadow Government)? When “friendly aliens” (led by “Jesus Christ”?) appear in antigravity craft (running on ZPE generators) and demand world peace — or else … Well, let’s just say that the populace (the survivors after the Tribulation) will gladly put down their weapons to appease the benevolent(?) newcomers from “outer space” …

Then, “the aliens” give “us” ZPE generators, antigrav craft (flying saucers/triangles) and other cool (and “secret”) technology, thereby ending the age of oil and the OWO. Thus, world peace is achieved, and everyone lives happily forever after …? (While the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers continue pulling the strings from behind the scenes.)

But I digress!